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Interview Transcript

“Interview by Nathan MacDonald”

Nathan: Starvision Tech is a leading manufacturer of double column CNC machining centers and today we are with Jerry Chen President at Starvision. Jerry, thank you for your time.

Could you tell us about your company and your product range?

Jerry Chen: Starvision Tech was originally established by the German company Monforts, who were looking to develop CNC lathe technology and OEM assembly in Taiwan and that is how this company Starvision was established. After this because Germany has very advanced technologies and high-quality products, we decided to use these qualities in our products and then we developed a range of double column machines. In terms of the applications of our products, we specialize in the production of automotive molds and dies, sheet metal dies, plastic molds and the processing of other related mold and dies. Another market related to the high-speed production of our DX series machines, is for the 3C industries, aerospace industry and for the processing of aluminum products. Also our large-scale LS series machines are mainly used within the construction machinery, shipbuilding industry, railway industry and other heavy industries.

Nathan: What makes you stand out of the competition and what turnkey solutions can you offer your customers?

Jerry Chen: Starvision Tech is actually quite different from other machinery manufacturers, first we will closely pay attention to our customer needs and have invested a lot in the development of our customer service department. In terms of new technology or company offers, we use specialized machining heads, for example our 5-face milling head, 2-axis machining head, and extension head and we will continue developing these products in the future. At this year’s exhibition our main focus has been our new 2-axis machining heads and these can operate at speeds between 10,000 and 12,000rpm. This makes them well suited to our customer needs as they are able to process lightweight materials at very high speeds. So the development of these large-scale machines and our new machining heads has been the focus of development for Starvision.

Nathan: How do your customers feel about your service?

Jerry Chen: As we cooperate closely with German firms we have learned to effectively interact with customers, always be honest, quickly respond to queries and also offer enthusiastic service. Through this high quality service and by upholding these principles do we welcome partners from all over the world to unite with us and to experience for themselves the excellent service of the Starvision team. Thank you.

Nathan: Well thank you so much for your time and we look forward to seeing you at upcoming trade shows. For more information on Starvision Tech and their products, follow the link at the end of this video.

Universal Milling Head-Extension Head-90° Manual Angular Milling Head-90° Deep Bore Milling Head

Universal Milling Head-Extension Head-90° Manual Angular
Milling Head-90° Deep Bore Milling Head