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Interview Transcript

“Interview by Nathan MacDonald”

Nathan: Oscarmax is a leading manufacturer of EDM machines here in the machine tool industry in Taiwan, and today we are with Fred Ho, General Manager at Oscarmax.

Thank you for your time. Could you tell us a little bit about your company?

Fred Ho: We have been operating in the EDM industry for 29 years and our models range from 200-300mm machines to 3000mm twin head moving column machines. In terms of EDM technology, our products now are very different to early models and we are focusing more on the development of EDM high speed machining.

Nathan: I have noticed some of your equipment on display, there is a 6-axis EDM, can you tell me a little bit more about it?

Fred Ho: 6-axis EDM machines are used for delicate machining, have 16-32 tools, as well as automatic tool changing and grinding capabilities. This type of EDM machine has a large tank size and is currently being used by some of Taiwan’s largest manufacturers and even in the processing of the latest iphone6 panels. This means all of our machines are well suited for use within the automotive, lighting or LCD industries. Not all customers may need such a high-end machine and therefore we have also developed many traditional automatic EDM drilling machines as well.

I hope many visitors are interested in our products so please come to our booth to see all our latest products. Thank you!


If you would like more information on Oscarmax, follow the link at the end of this video.

S2210_Twin Head EDM

S2210_Twin Head EDM

SD350-CNC EDM Drilling

SD350-CNC EDM Drilling