FOCUS SEIKI Timtos 2015

Focus Seiki

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Interview Transcript


“Interview by Nathan MacDonald”


Nathan: Focus Seiki is a leading manufacturer of horizontal lathes, vertical lathes, and even five-axis machining centers here in Taiwan.Today we’re going to have a closer look at some of their machines.

We are here today with General Manger Raymond Chiu at Focus Seiki, thank you for your time.


Raymond Chiu: Thank you for your coming, it’s my pleasure. Thank you.

Nathan: Could you a little bit about what markets you’re involved in?

Raymond Chiu: Our company focuses on the Euro market, for example, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and Czech Republic.

Nathan: What advantages does your company have compared to other Taiwanese manufacturers?

Raymond Chiu: I think because we have selected to use main components 90% to 100% from Europe.

Nathan: You mean your components are imported from Europe?

Raymond Chiu:Yes

Nathan: And how does that help your advantage?

Raymond Chiu: I think the most this has increased the machine quality are stable and reliable.

Nathan: So stable and reliable, so that is your main focus?

Raymond Chiu: Yes

Nathan: Could you tell us a little bit about some of the machines you have on display?

Raymond Chiu: This time we have 3 different models at our booth, the first one is a high speed tapping center, the other one is 5-axis machine, and the final one is the pallet changer with vertical machining center.

This machine is a 5-axis machining center developed by us and our German partners. The key features of this machine are that it is a moving column type five-axis machine and the tilt spindle has an additional Heidenhain optical ruler. Also our tool magazine can add up to 40 additional tools with a mirrored magazine, so it can increase machining efficiency and precision by up to 30%.

FM 500 5 Axis Machining Center

FM 500 5 Axis Machining Center


This machine is our newest developed product the TP 750, and is specially developed for the machining requirements in Europe. Its applications include communications equipment, sporting equipment, and for the machining of small and large automotive components.

TP 750 Tapping Center

TP 750 Tapping Center


This is our new CNC vertical machining center with double table auto pallet changer. The biggest feature at this show is that we have two sets of optional CNC pallet rotary tables with additional automatic tailstocks, so it is very suitable for machining small batch runs and large-scale mass production of products with large variations.

PM1100 APC Vertical Machining Center

PM1100 APC Vertical Machining Center

We also hope that at this year’s show all our visitors and customers can visit our booth and give us any feedback, thank you.


Nathan: For more information on Focus Seiki and some of the products they offer, follow the link at the end of this video.