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Interview Transcript


“Interview by Nathan MacDonald”

Nathan: Accutex is a leading manufacturer of wire EDM machines for the machine tool industry here in Taiwan, and today we are with the Vice-President Ray Liang. Ray, thank you so much for your time.

Ray Liang: It is my pleasure.

Nathan: Could you tell us a little bit more about Accutex?

Ray Liang: Accutex is a professional wire EDM maker, and we have built up our company from around 2001. Our management team and R&D team is a spin-off from the company ITRI and we are the original Taiwan EDM maker.

Nathan: Could you tell us a little bit more of your key applications and key markets you are involved in?

Ray Liang: A wire cut machine is mainly used in mold development, especially for stepping mold and plastic molds. Some special application is for the parts machining, just like regular aerospace parts. Our major markets are in Taiwan, China, Korea, United States, and the United Kingdom.

Nathan: In recent years EDM technology has come a long way, could you let us know a little bit more about the recent trends?

Ray Liang: Because most of the parts are getting smaller and smaller, so the customers want more high efficiency, more high accuracy and more high reliability. Accutex is a leader in EDM technology so we try to develop more advanced functions for the customer just like the high efficiency cutting speed. We use the linear motor and our own controller function to have more high accuracy and high reliability to meet the customers’ requests.

Nathan: I see you have some new EDM machines on display, could you tell us a little bit more about their capabilities and some of their key points?



Ray Liang: We are showing the machine with all built in linear motors for special control functions. Just like the corner control, lead-in lead-out wire mark control and reliable stability control. Our lead-in lead-out control function, the key point is because normally as the wire is lowered into the workpiece, the lead-out will double discharge, so there will be a wire mark in the workpiece. Especially for the plastic mold, customers cannot accept this wire mark, so Accutex can control this  wire mark from around 10 micrometers reduce to around 2 micrometers. It is the number one feature.

Nathan: What is corner control, can you explain it a little bit more?

Ray Liang: Because in wire cutting, we use the wire to cut the workpiece but the wire is flexible. So it is very easy to have error in the corner, so we need to control the wire have a high strength, so the controller need to allocate the speed and power generation to control the wire to the stress to pass the corner.



We are very proud of our new technology and new products, so if you are interested in our products, please contact with us, thanks.

Nathan: Thank you so much for your time.

Ray Liang: For more information on Accutex and the technology they offer, follow the link at the end of this video.