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Yinsh Precision – Timtos 2015

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Interview Transcript


“Interview by Nathan Mac Donald”

Nathan: We are here at TIMTOS 2015, and right behind me is Yinsh, a precision manufacturer of precision locknuts for the machine tool industry here in Taiwan

We are here now with the president of Yinsh Precision Jack Wu. Jack, thank you for your time.

Jack Wu: Nice to meet you

Nathan: I heard it’s the first time that you are attending TIMTOS 2015, could you tell us a little bit more about it?

Jack Wu: Yinsh has attended many international shows for the past ten years in Germany, America and Italy, and this is the first time we are attending TIMTOS. The reason why we are attending TIMTOS this year is because we have many foreign customers coming to Taiwan, and they hope to see Yinsh at the show.

Nathan: Could you tell us a little bit more about some of your key markets?

Jack Wu: Due to our hard work in the past few years, we put our main focus on the Japanese and German market. Currently in the Japanese market, almost 70% of the top 10 major machine tool companies use Yinsh’s locknuts. In Germany, the largest machine tool factory also uses our locknuts, this is one of our happiest moments and a major achievement.

Nathan: Concerning the recent economic challenges Taiwan has been facing with the FTA agreement, between China, Korea, and Japan, has this affected your company and your company growth in any way?

Jack Wu: For the past one or two years, the Taiwanese machine tool industry has felt a big affect from changing international exchange rates, especially the major depreciation of the Japanese Yen has had a very big effect. As for Yinsh, we have had widespread distribution in Japan for many years, and we have a very strong market share in China, so this should benefit our sales a lot.

Nathan: How has the show been going so far, and what response have you been receiving from your customers?

Jack Wu: Although this is the first time we attended TIMTOS, we are very happy that our German customer DMG MORI, Japanese customer Mazak, and many other foreign customers have come to visit our booth. This is sure to bring us many new opportunities in the future. If you would like to know more about Yinsh, we welcome you to visit our website. There you can get a better understanding of our production environment, machining processes, equipment, and testing capabilities.

Nathan: Thank you Jack for your time.

For more information on Yinsh Precision and their company and their products, follow the link at the end of this video.

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