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You Ji

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Interview Transcript


“Interview by Nathan MacDonald”




Nathan: You Ji Machinery is a leading manufacturer  of vertical lathes and heavy machinery here in Taiwan.

And today we are with Lief Chuang manager at You Ji, Lief thank you for your time.

Could you tell us more about your company and product range?

Lief Chuang: You Ji has more than 37 years of history since being established and we always uphold responsibility and innovation and aim to provide the latest technologies for global machine users, as well as offer the most complete mechanical and electrical integrated solutions.

Nathan: It is TIMTOS 2015, and you have some new products here on display, can you tell us a bit more about these products and some of their key features?

Lief Chuang: Ok well let me show you.

This is the first machine that we exhibit the HMC-500BP, the HMC’s main feature is its box shaped structure with a unique box in box design which differs from other traditional machining centers. The disadvantages of these traditional machining centers are that during machining when the spindle reaches its highest travel point it will vibrate a lot. But with our box in box design, the boxed shaped structure does not have this disadvantage, so whatever the spindle position, stability and rigidity are ensured.

HMC500BP series

HMC500BP series



On the X-axis, it uses a dual motor with servo drive, so it does not produce any yaw inertia, and at the same time ensures that axis movement is very stable. Our Y-axis is equipped with a hydraulic counter balance, which ensures that the spindle has very stable performance during machining.

The X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis are equipped with roller type linear guide ways, and can reach a rapid feedrate of up to 36(m/min). On the B-axis we use a worm-wheel design which results in rapid and precise positioning performance, and this machine can also be accompanied with an automatic plalette changer. For the small HMC we use a swing type, and on the large HMC we use a shuttle type, so that we can provide diverse machining solutions for our customers.

Nathan: So right behind us you have a vertical turning center on display, could you tell us a little bit more of some of its key points?

Lief Chuang: This machine is our main spotlight of TIMTOS, as we all know in the aerospace, marine, oil and gas industry, the diameter size of workpieces is getting bigger and bigger, so we custom made this machine to meet our customers’ needs. Its main feature is a vertical lathe with an additional side spindle, allowing it to machine positions traditional vertical lathes cannot reach. With an additional C-axis, it can perform drilling, tapping, grinding, and milling. In other words, our clients’ workpieces can be finished all in one machine, therefore machining can be completed in a single set up achieving multi-functional machining all on one machine.

VHL 1200 ATC+C-11

VHL 1200 ATC+C-11


Nathan, thank you for your interview, I am delighted to have this opportunity to increase our products exposure. I hope in the future we can bring more surprises to our global customers through our continuous innovative developments.


Nathan: Thank you very much for your time.

For more information on You Ji machine industrial and some of the key products they offer, follow the link at the end of this video.