Palmary Machinery EMO Milan 2015 – Centerless Grinders

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Interview Transcript

Hi My name is David Keiffer, I’ve been working with Palmary for 2 years in France Savoie where you can find 65 to 70 % of the screw cutting process.

For me and Palmary it’s a real opportunity to make good business with excellent machines in terms of precision.

Regarding the machines we sold the customers are very keen of the performance, quality, precision and high accuracy of Palmary machines.


Let me show you right now a grinder from Palmary, a center-less machine which is very specific and interesting for my clients in terms of productivity.


The PCB 6050 can work with a diameter of 600mm and width of grinding wheel is 500mm.

This one for my local business in France is very interesting in terms of high productivity for my clients.

After working for 2 years with Palmary I can say that both Palmary & I focus on the same objective in terms of client satisfaction. I can rely on Palmary’s technical experts for quick action and feedback in response to the different business challenges I get from my clients grinding requirements.

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