Palmary Machinery EMO Milan 2015 – Cylindrical Grinders

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Interview Transcript

My name is David Kratochvil , I’m the chief of TAIMA and we are selling grinding machines from Palmary in our territory in the Czech Republic. Now we are in Milan EMO 2015 and we are standing in front of a cylindrical grinding machine from Palmary. This machine is very interesting because it is controlled in 3 axes, longitudinal, X axis and B axis which means rotating grinding wheels and some internal grinding attachments.  The concept of this machine is much better than previous models because you can reach shorter cutting times and you can increase the productivity and you can choose lots of different grinding wheels and cycles. This machine has 3 axes, or should I say has 3 possibilities on B axis.  You can see them.  The possibility to grind ID diameters with internal grinding attachments and you can grind OD on 2 separate spindles. We are very happy with working with a company like Palmary because of their very high quality and no problems with service and no problems with communication and our customers are generally very happy with the machines made by Palmary.


Good morning, my name is Jan Zadykowicz, we have distributed Palmary machines in the Polish market over 3 years. Up until now we are very satisfied by the quality of the machines and technical support. These are good choices for our customers.  Good quality for reasonable prices. Thank you.

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