DHF Precision Tool EMO Milan 2015

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DHF is a professional cutting tool supplier, specializing in HSC & HHC Solid Carbide End mills production and trade.
With an excellent tool design team, as well as a mold making dept, they perform a wide variety of tooling tests to maintain high quality and guarantee extended tool life.
Here at the show, we take a closer look at their Revolution 2 Series Exchangeable end mill.

End mill series

– Triple-thread head end mill controls the  run out within ±0.008mm. The extremely high accuracy and slight run out ensures extended tool life.
– Exchangeable end mill saves more design materials, shortens the production process, and helps reduce customer costs.
– Cut materials up to HRc62.
– Head diameter:  8mm~32mm
– Shank Length: 60mm~300mm


For more information about DHF Precision Tools and their products please click here.