Derstrong EMO Milan 2015

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 Derstrong logo

Derstrong Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of safety glass in Taiwan. With advanced technology and expertise, safety vision window for machine tools were formally launched and adopted by most machine tool manufacturers in Taiwan. This breakthrough product can perfectly integrate both clear views and security protection (CE certificate) without the need of iron grill on the existing machine window, thus differentiating your machine tools in the market.






Safety vision window for machine tools

(EN ISO 23125 and EN 12417 Certificate)

European standard EN ISO 23125 and EN 12417 has clearly defined the safety of machine tools. Derstrong’s Safety Vision Window is developed to provide you not only safety shield but also clear vision for the operators during machining process. 


Gyro-Port (Spin window)

Gyro-port is a unique spin window developed by Derstrong Enterprise Co., Ltd., which is driven by compressed air without any electrical connections (non-electrical solution) and typically used for metal-cutting processes in machine tools. Since machine window easily get blurred during machining because of cutting fluids, coolants and splashed chips, Gyro-Port makes it possible to clearly see through what is going on behind movable doors or window outside the machine enclosure, the operators can monitor the metalworking process and correct their setup to prevent tool damage and unexpected downtime.

For more information about Derstrong and their products please click here.