Farman Machinery EMO Milan 2015

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Interview Transcript

Farman Machinery specializes in manufacturing Tool Grinders. They are a leader in this field, not only in local markets, but also in

USA, Europe, Japan, Korea,and South-East Asia.


Interview Transcript:

I’m here in the Farman booth today to show you the FC 250EX.

Rushmachinery and Farman have had a relationship since 1983. Farman covers the rest of the world, while Rushmachinery covers the Americas.


The FC 250EX is a wheel truing and dressing machine.

It has a silicon carbide dressing wheel with an HSK-50 Spindle to hold any type of wheel format. It can be adapted to support any type of grinding machine for the cutting tool industry.

The machine has automatic oscillation; automatic swiveling and it can be setup to use the digital comparator from Rushmachinery that enables the user to create the perfect profile on the diamond wheels for use in their grinding machine to make cutting tools.

It’s used by cutting tool manufacturers around the world, it provides an excellent means of providing perfectly formed diamond wheels to save time and money for the cutting tool manufacturers.

We’re very happy to be in the Farman booth today, at EMO 2015 in Milan.


FC-250EX Farman

The FC-250EX Diamond/CBN wheel truing and dressing machine can be equipped with ExVision -a computer-driven vision system with a software program specifically designed for the FC-250EX and its various applications.



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