Ocean Technologies EMO Milan 2015

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Ocean Technologies is a professional manufacture that mainly provides machines like Edm drill, Electrical Discharge Machine, Hole Popper, Super Drill, Rotary Table, Wire Cut.

Interview Transcript:

Hello, my name is Alexander Lizenberg, and I’m working for HUBER in Germany. We are the general distributors for Ocean Technologies, and have been working together for over 10 years.

Today we are happy to present the River 600 machine, with newly developed auto pallet system and ATC system. This machine features 6 axis movement & control, and a rotary table for moving the parts in rotation and swiveling.

So the River 600 is suited for the Aerospace industry, you can also use this machine for the mold & die industry, and also of course automotive and different other applications.

Improve your productivity with this machine, more and more automatization processes

You can use the machine 24 hours without a person on the machine. We are seeing this machine, the River 600, as a great machine for your EDM applications and we are happy to have it for the European market.


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